Website Care Plans

Avoid the stress and invest in the well-being of your website!

 Concentrate on what you do best and let an expert maintain and care for your website. Gain peace of mind and protect your investment with a website care plan. Your website is a crucial element of your business digital economy and like any serious investment, it should be protected with an insurance plan. With a website care plan, you’ll know your website is in the best hands and you’ll avoid common situations like plugin update errors that break your site, and more serious vulnerabilities such as malicious attacks, hacking, cybersquatting.

Frequent website maintenance is especially important for E-commerce websites as your website stores private customer information, processes credit card payments and you want to ensure your order information is backed up as frequently as possible. If your website processes multiple orders every day, I highly recommend investing in the Ultimate E-commerce Care Plan so you never lose an order!

Frequent website maintenance will not only protect your website, it will also help the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site. Google takes many things into consideration when it decides what websites show up on the first page of search results, and some of those factors are how frequently (and recently) your site content has been updated, how frequently plugins are updated and the overall health of your site. Sites that are fully optimized and protected will also run faster, another factor that Google takes into consideration when ranking websites!

Plans for Standard Websites

 These plans are suited for website that are updated monthly, weekly or daily but does not store customer data or shop orders. Perfect for the standard information-based WordPress website with standard functionality. 
*Not suitable if you have a members-only section, ecommerce add-on, learning courses, or forums*

* Hosting fees and access to my licenses for premium plugins are only covered while you are a Website Care Plan member. There is no fee to cancel your plan, but should you wish for your website to stay on the web, you’ll need to purchase your own hosting account and I will migrate your site to your new account.

Backups Only

Note:  these packages cover backups only and they do not cover the cost of time to restore your website if errors appear and it does not include hosting, access to premium plugins or my preferred hourly rate.

Plans for Ecommerce Websites

Websites that involve selling online require more frequent TLC and security than a basic website. You want to make sure that if any errors arise on your site, that you have all your orders, bookings or appointments backed up so you don’t lose customer information! It’s also your responsibility to keep your site up-to-date to protect customer personal data and to keep payment information secure. Let me take care of the stress of your ecommerce site care and make sure the most important piece of your business is protected from the most common errors and issues! 

Ecommerce packages do not include hosting as a monthly fee. I will help you set up a hosting account that is tailored to your specific needs, based on the size of your online store and the bandwidth required to keep it running quickly for customers.

Hourly-Rate Services

If you’re not one of my Website Care Plan clients, I may be able to help you with issues or additional changes to your WordPress website as they arise (based on availability). The following services can be booked at my hourly rate of $75/hr.
Need something done immediately? A rush fee may apply.

Updates and revisions to content on your site

Additional pages for your WordPress website

Landing page design or email list opt-in creation

Add-on features for your ecommerce site

Ad-hoc backup and restore services

Security scans and tech support if your site is hacked

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